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你是夜色中将溶未溶的白雪you are the melting white/ in the dim of night/
一头青丝荡着海的幽蓝 your shining black of hair /undulates the dark of sea/
微红的翼翅皎洁的曲线笼着your reddish wings’ bright curves  /
芊芊芳草       mist up the luxuriant grass/
柔风擦着你的素肩   sweet breezes kiss/the crispiness of your shoulder/
无数的星星恋上你阳春般的容颜 countless stars obsess/ the glowing spring of your face/
繁花和森林为你奏乐 flowers and forests play /the heartiest symphony for you /
一座座连绵的高山痴迷你银盏般endless mountains indulge /
流溢着光辉的双眼 in the silver glitter of your eyes/
你的睡和醒 都在梦的天边  your dream dwells on/ the rim of the sky/
                         be you dreaming/ or not .

暗夜粼粼的水波上  on the sparkling water at night /
你的美  如此安谧  so still is your pretty reflection/
银河水哦  八万八千里的思虑 galaxy / You embrace so much thought/
洗你成一缕细雨 闪入隐没的爱 transformed into a wispy rain/
                            Vanished with the disappearing love/
霎时                        in a flash /          
滂沱的泪包围绵延的憔悴under the siege of pouring tears/
there is infinite gauntness .

雪会如期飘落’ snow drifts in time/
而你的焰火   but your own flames/
让雪思忆悠长的月色 make it long for/ the permanence of moonlight /
你萦绕着一片素洁 the expanse of snowy white /was haunted by your charm/
当北方小木屋里的爱人打开门时 when beloved one opens /the northern cabin’s door/
正看到你小兽般绒暖的轻柔 seeing your fuzzy gentleness/
迷上你绕梦的色调 she is enchanted /by your dreamy hues.

你的发髻插着一朵桂花 you wear a sweet-scented osmanthus in your hair/
秀足掠过碧绿的田埂  your petite feet flitted across the emerald fields/
来到这里        Here you come!/
把闪灼的光洒满爱人的身躯   spray the fiery glare to the body of your lover/
像海浪要铺盖赤裸的荒原   like waves devouring the naked lands/
年轻的春光奔驰在爱的时间  the freshness of spring / gallops in time of love.

离去时   when you are leaving/
请留下你浸透了泪水的手帕   leave your handkerchief soaked with tears/
它有最纯正的味道 with the most genuine flavor /
泉一样透明     with the transparency of springs/
从远古的织女到浩瀚的瑶池from the remote Woman Weaver/ to the vast Yao Chi/
只为爱喷出琼浆  tumultuously spouted out the mellow wine of affection/
宝石般地轻柔着相思的罗幔 gently raised the jewel curtain of lovesickness/
无以伦比的温柔深陷爱的步履 formidable tenderness rooted /in the tread of keenness/

你无法随着一条鱼     you can’t follow a fish/
缓缓游进太阳海     swimming into the sea of sun/
只因你是鲜嫩的月女  you are a pure goddess of moon/
纤细的躯体盈盈的潋滟 your slender figure with the shimmer /
穿过水之湄优美的旋律 travel through the exquisite music from the bank/ 
微凉的风傍着你 you are accompanied by the coolness of wine/
在古色的小径牵住随爱而舞的风衣 the quaint pathway tugged at /
the dance-to-love dust coat/
你的美  your magic will fuse/
会引发千军万马的激战 摧毁帝王的江山 the violence of mighty forces /
the collapse of sovereign crown/
却不能焚毁爱的影子  never burn the loving shadows down/
只好让忧伤的思虑绽放银色的花盏 the silver bouquet /nourished by melancholy/
梦 美不完的夜  it’s a dream ablaze/in a stunning night.

你最美的风韵在月亮上   your best scenery / rests on the moon/
芬芳悠远    the long-standing fragrance/      
只凭借灵的轻亮点燃爱焰 lit a lovely flame/by brisk inspiration/
你的书生在永恒中 your book stands/the test of time/
热血奔流 不知疲倦 your blood runs/without exhaustion/
你与他  you and he/
气息连着气息  breath in breath/
脉管连着脉管  pulse to pulse.
有限的生命创造着无限 limited life creates the limitless/
在爱的面前   in face of love/
地球是多么小  globe is a microbe/
撞开它的墙壁  shatter the wall/
到流淌着自由的天际 rush to the sky of liberty/
在爱的面前 in face of love/
时光是多么短暂 time is a twinkling/
一瞬就是五千年 a twinkling of five thousand years/
雪崩的细节沙暴的袭击一闪而过 details of avalanche/attacks of sandstorm/
                              all flash away/
你总能       always you can/
用月光将空气点燃  kindle the air with moonlight/
用泪润泽沙漠    moisten the desert with teardrops /
用血浸红的火炬 诱惑生与死的 the blood-soaked torch/
tempting the life and death/
爱的汇合       in the convergence of love/
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